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Spy cell phone is best detective for your help

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Vodafone - one of the world's largest mobile operator cell phone spyware is best detective tool, is hoping to persuade some four million subscribers to exchange their German DSL-wired connection to wireless LTE. The Director General of Vodafone Germany, Friedrich Yossi (Friedrich Joussen), now his company has to pay about € 500 million German company Telekom Deutschland for the use of fixed network of the company. According to Mr. Yossi, LTE from Vodafone will be able to provide subscribers with bandwidth comparable to that which they received over copper lines. Soon, Vodafone plans to sell its DSL-network with those subscribers who do not want to move to LTE.This news, in my opinion, can be taken as a wake-up call for all providers providing services via copper lines. Mobile operators talked a lot about that LTE will be able to compete with wired lines. Well, some optical lines can not - any of the frequency spectrum is not enough, even in theory to deliver the bandwidth that the optics now provides in practice. But the "copper" providers LTE can really noticeable to press.In Ukraine, the company first won the right to develop the most modern communication standard.MMDS-UKRAINE, the shareholders of JMC is Rinat Akhmetov, the first operator in the country, which gained the right to develop the most modern communication standard - LTE, writes Kommersant-Ukraina in the article brings up the fourth generation of the Cabinet.As the newspaper notes, in the use of radio frequency resources, approved by Cabinet, it is the range of 2.5-2.7 GHz, the only license that have MMDS-Ukraine, was disqualified under the new standard..Kommersant-Ukraine says that it can become a powerful argument in negotiations for the sale of the operator, who leads the CCM.Meanwhile, Kommersant said that the news is that LTE technology was first introduced in the use of radio frequency resource, appeared last week in the blogging industry analysts.They refer to the government decree # 525, adopted by another on May 16. In one of his points indicated that the range of 2,5-2,69 GHz will now be used for the development of LTE - one of the standards of the fourth generation free cell phone spy is well created (4G). In other radio frequency bands the introduction of LTE is not provided.However, market participants believe that current shareholders do not intend to deploy MMDS new technology, the magazine writes, adding that the fact that SCM is now negotiating the sale of the telecom business - share in the third-largest mobile operator Astelit (TM life:)) and MMDS. In this case, obtaining exclusive rights to develop the new technology increases the potential value of the company.LTE - the most advanced of the existing communication standards at the end of 2010 the world's working just 17 such networks. Its use can achieve data rates of 1 Gbit / sec. For comparison, the standard of WiMAX - the fastest of the current Ukrainian (operators and Freshtel Intellecom) - can provide the speed to 20 Mbit / sec.Another major advantage of LTE - the use of technology in various ranges of frequencies, including both standard GSM, CDMA or UMTS. One of the most common range for this technology is 2,5-2,69 GHz - used in some EU countries, and is expected to be adopted in Russia.Generation mobile communication.The development of mobile technologies are usually divided into several stages, or generations. Since the main determining factor is the speed of data transmission, the technology and the generations there is no consensus. Many such offer certain milestones, such as EDGE include 2.75G, as this technology offers a high enough speed, but still not enough to be seen as the third generation.Generation mobile communication cell phone spy software is bluetooth technology.In general, evolution is shown in the image on the right.Analog standard AMPS, TACS, NMT now obsolete and of no interest.In Europe and Russia used the standard second-generation GSM (adopted in 1988). Further data is added add-GPRS (up to 171.2 kbit / s), then added another improvement EDGE (introduced in 2003, up to 474 kbit / s).In the U.S., South America and Asia are more popular standards based on IS-95 (CDMAOne). Development has led to technology CDMA2000 1X (up to 153 kbit / s).3G - third generationMarketing wins mind, and the fourth generation mobile communication standards are considered the initial version of the LTE and WiMAX, but more logically belongs to this generation, but improved versions of these standards (as pictured).The volume of the portable PC market in Ukraine in the 1st quarter. 2011 exceeded 305 thousand units.As the Kyiv office of IDC, it is 35% more than a year ago, and almost 17% over Q1'2008. In this case, the composition of top five has not changed: as before Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and HP control more than 90% of the supply device of this form factor in the Ukraine.IDC estimates the share of the netbook is about 18%, but some vendors in shipments last quarter, it exceeded 24%. This ratio was typical for the first half of 2009, then dropped the demand for netbooks, but now the consumer preferences shift toward newly available as solutions.this year will be a watershed for the Ukrainian market of mobile terminals.In early 2011, the Korean giant Samsung for the first time in its history, Western ambitions realized by shifting from a place for many years the leader of the dominant Finnish Nokia. In many ways this was a consequence of which gained popularity operating system Android, which made a bet the Koreans and Finns sunset supported operating system (OS) Symbian. Ukraine has so far not in a hurry to repeat the trend of the Europeans. Castling manufacturers we would be unlikely before 2012According to experts of company cell phone listening "Euroset" selling phones in Ukraine in 2010 piece expression (about 7.5 million) grew by 60% compared to 2009 (about 4.5 million). According to GfK Ukraine in 2010, Ukraine has sold nearly 7.6 million mobile phones and smartphones to the final consumer, which is equivalent to 7.2 billion UAH. Number of total sales grew by 56% compared with 2009 (4.9 mln.sht), and in monetary terms this increase amounted to 26% (2009 - 5.3 billion USD).

Spy cell phone is excellent and fully funtional tool

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A phone is capable to work up to 4 hours of talk time

The phone D830 is the thinnest phone spy on cell phone in the world clamshell form factor. Its dimensions are 103h54 mm in length and width, and thickness - only some 10 mm. If you multiply these settings on your phone, you get the volume in which are placed 85 grams choicest chips.These mikroshemki allow users to make and receive calls and messages to networks of standard 2,75 G (GSM 900/1800/1900). A phone is capable to work up to 4 hours of talk time, which is equivalent to 5 days of waiting and resting. This term is assured Li-Ion battery, 800 mAh.As already mentioned, the phone has the smallest thickness of the body of phones in its class, but this does not prevent ergonomics and usability of this machine. The phone is made of black matte plastic, which is very good to the touch. Expands phone with one finger, right first time is very scary accidentally drop the phone. Increase the ease of disclosure could, by removing the tab on the bottom of the phone, which has no function, and the only way. In general, the body is made solidly, no backlash and squeaks during operation was noted.I wonder did the designers of the company: when opening the phone at both ends can see the phone's speaker mesh protection. But in fact the phone is set only one speaker.Keyboard:The keyboard of this unit is one of the most problematic areas, because of small thickness has to pay. It is divided into a control unit and a digital block. Digital block, as it consists of 10 digits and key "*" and "#". In turn, the navigation bar consists of two soft keys, the reception and rebound, five-way button and delete button. Additional keys that are placed on the left side face of the phone are only one-button rocker.But here is the use of these keys will cause a lot of trouble. From a distance, the keyboard on this unit like the touch, but it's an optical illusion, because in fact this is a common membrane keyboard with a very low speed keys. And the key stroke and causes all the trouble: some keys are pressed too easily, and for other response is necessary to use force. In this case the same key can be accidentally pressed twice and not notice it, especially with respect to the joystick.Among the shortcomings are the absence may have a shortcut to the camera. Quick access to certain features of the phone can be accomplished by appointing them to the joystick cell phone spy free.As expected, the phone has two displays. The external display is made by technology OLED. He is able to display colors in two colors (black and blue), so use it as a mirror for self-portraits will not work. At the same fashion in favor of the ultra thin device the size was very small, in particular resolution was 96h16 points, not counting the top row. The screen displays the current status of the phone (battery, signal, indication of new messages) and text (call state and other service information). But because of the peculiarities of the technology see the time in the sun does not work, nothing will be visible.The internal screen was performed on well-proven technology of TFT with a resolution of 240x320 pixels and color at 262 000 tones. In this case, due to the small pixel size, the image looks very natural, and colors are so high quality that do not lose their colors even in bright sunlight.From the screen settings were available to the user to adjust the brightness and backlighting time, and some personalization. To adjust the phone for yourself you can change the wallpaper (you can even use the video clip), a color scheme and the scheme of the phone menus.Audio of the phone is represented by one speaker, who rasplozhen over the screen and plays back up to 64 voices of polyphony. Sound pretty good, but still having a second speaker to reinforce obviously would not hurt. At maximum volume, the playback sound barely audible even when you are walking on a quiet street and you are in the open state. Accordingly expect miracles volume in the closed position is not necessary, so to get the call to be connected to vibrate, which was strong and loud. During the call, hear the caller's voice quality will not work because of the constant dynamics of wheezing.This hardware component of the phone also proved a high level. Camera phone equipped with a sensor on 2Mpix, which can take pictures, resolution up to 1600x1200 pixels. Photos are very good quality and clear, and color - realistic. But this joy overshadows the lack of flash that does not fit in the slender body. And although there is a night shooting mode, but it absolutely does not improve the sensitivity of the sensors. A dream to try myself as a cameraman handy possibility of shooting a movie in format mp4, which is an improvement on 3GP. But despite this clip length is obtained quite large, since the quality at the required level and speed of shooting sosavlyaet 25 frames / sec, which will take off even with moving subjects. Of the other camera features include the possibility cell phone spyware of a matrix and multi-shooting, application frameworks and effectsThe phone is capable to share those usual SMS and MMS messages. And rather exotic set is E-mail message that is supported by in this machine. The phone memory can hold up to 200 SMS messages. The number of MMS and e-mail volume is limited to 3MB reserved.Of the benefits you can provide an opportunity to install a separate tunes for each message type. Unfortunately, available only preinstalled melodies. Originally done by reading SMS: text is not immediately appear gradually, creating the effect of press reports. It can deliver a true disadvantage, because the derivation of messages to read it impossible to end.Also surprised by the maximum amount transferred to MMS, it can be up to 250Kb, but Ukrainian operators have established a maximum of 100KB. Phone book capacity is limited to 1000 records. For each name can have up to 5 numbers, e-mail address and text note. In addition to this number, you can assign a personal picture, a photo and a melody, including MP3.Phone is equipped with a universal program, which reproduces the audio file formats MP3, AAC, ACC +, WMA and video formats 3gp and mp4. To improve the quality of sound is an equalizer. Besides playing an audio player capable of playing in the background. Very sad lack of built-in FM radio. And to see the entire film is quite suitable to connect the phone to the TV via TV-out.The phone has about 88Mb RAM, 81Mb of which is designated for multimedia files, games, and are 4MB 3MB got MMS and e-mail. But with a shortage of these can help out megabyte memory card format micro SD, up to 1GB.This huge amount of memory can be filled with such data transmission technologies like GPRS (class 10) and EDGE (up to 236kbit/sec). And for the short-range is very useful technology Bluetooth. With the help of this phone can easily take a variety of files, and even games.When using Bluetooth, the phone can easily gain remote access to another phone. Just select the option "View Files".If the owner is the victim confirms the connection, the Samsung D830 will have full control over all the files the phone, including hidden and system and if you want all of them can be removed.If reluctance to respond to calls or when traveling through an area without coverage of the operator can turn offline, while significantly saving battery life cell phone spy software. For quick access to frequently used menu items, you can use the "Quick Links" and "My Menu". If you need to document the telephone conversation, it is sufficient to enable recording the conversation.

clubmz best espy is new software for all symbian and Android phones

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Modern model of a cell phone

Quite often people change their cell phone clubmz e-spy is now in your pocket to another is not due to the fact that it's broken. Time passes, people's tastes and fashions change, and a desire to have a more modern model of a cell phone.But some need only a reliable cell phone, that's all! After all, why buy a new one, in this case, if you can repair the old one, does not even matter, obsolete or not, after all, works well!That's just this and will help you with our service center in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) at the Budapest 11 Kupchino. Repair of cellular phones - is one of our specialties repair. If the broken cell phone or it was mechanical damage to the shell, then you are here! Always help than we can.DATE OF COMPLETION repairs from 1 to 3 days depending on the loadservice center and the complexity of repair, parts availability in the warehouse.Category 1-phones worth up to 1,000 rubles. or phone numbers are not manufactured anymoreCategory 2 phones cost from 1,000 rubles. up to 2000 rubles.Category 3 phones cost from 2,000 rubles. 6000 rub.Category 4 phones cost from 6,000 rubles. and above.Another ten - fifteen years ago, words such as SMS, mobile phone, ringtone and CellPhones were completely unknown. Now, however, is difficult to imagine life without mobile phones and anything else associated with it. By choosing a cell phone fit very seriously. It must meet the following requirements - be of high quality, perform well, and good long run. And if, at the expense of quality work and the phone functions can be pre-learned from the features of a particular model (the blessing now, there are many specialized sites on the net) is about how long your phone will work without breakdowns is difficult to judge.Repair of cellular phones today is a very popular service. And this is not due to the fact that the manufacturers make no qualitative goods. Many breakdowns occur because of improper use of mobile phones. Often the owner's own fault that his cell in need of repair. Phone, in need of repairs, supplies, in fact, a lot of trouble to his master.A good repair shop mobile phone will try to repair as soon as possible. In some shops owners of broken phones in the time of repair issue unpretentious "Soap" to those not lost touch with family and friends or business contacts. Some firms, repair cellular phones offer their customers a free follow-up prevention. And, most importantly, do not try to repair your cell.Repair of cellular phones clubmz espy is used to catch the criminals involves execution of a set of tasks - from restoring the phone book and change the display to a simple flash memory. But to begin repairs, always with a diagnosis that will help identify the causes of failure.

To apply to good and reliable shop

 The more accurate and qualified it will be done - faster and better will repair. It is therefore necessary to apply to good and reliable shop, so as not to become their regular customers.If you want to repair cell phones clubmz reviews is used to control child activities, manufacturers are NOKIA, SONY ERICSSON or SAMSUNG, you can apply to their service centers. Contacting a service center that performs repair cellular phones, you can be sure that the repair of your phone will only use the "native" parts (which are certified by the manufacturer of your model cell). This ensures that in the future, if you use the phone, not a conflict of equipment, and as a result - another failure.Either the service center will offer you warranty service, diagnosis of the phone, identifying the reasons for failure, flashing, unlocking, Russification and repair cell phones. If your cell has been dropped or it gets wet - do not worry. Masters of the service centers will help you cope with these problems - will replace a cracked case or display, keyboard or antenna.If your phone has already got into the hands of "the mountain-masters," then there will help you fix it - fix software bugs, errors when you unlock, wheezing in the dynamics, the various chips on chips and controllers. Here are all the necessary equipment.And now a bit of repair Chinese phones.Copies of the cellular phones manufactured in China are very different from their originals do not the high quality of the phone and the hardware (stuffing) phone. Repair Chinese phones is associated with some complications, since they can both have similar functionality to the original (and sometimes even exceed it by stuffing the original functional cell phone), but much discord in the execution circuitry and used items. And some models can have up to several variants. But the quality of cell phones is low.A significant advantage of Chinese cell phones are their small cost. Therefore, they are quite common in the hands of owners. Often, the quality of Chinese mobile phone is low and we often sit in the repair of such a request to repair phones after some use.
And even though we have great experience in repairs of Chinese mobile phones, we recommend buying the original cell phone, just because they can be repaired in most cases, unlike the Chinese clones as spare parts for these little purchase.Copies of the most common cell phones that are brought in for repair - it's iPhone and Nokia.The price of repair Chinese phones start at 300 rubles. and is determined by a specialist after a free diagnosis.